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Nvidia Shield TV Pro Review: The Best Overall Android TV Media Player!

Nvidia Shield TV Pro Review: The Best Overall Android TV Media Player!

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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro
The Nvidia pro streaming media player is a great pick for home TV streaming as well as the best gaming hub for gamers, but does it have all the features that you need? Or does it fulfill your requirements completely?

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Being a person who loves watching movies and is a gamer simultaneously can create difficulty in deciding whether you should buy a streaming media player for high-quality movies or an expensive PC setup for gaming.

So, if you are also stuck between choosing the right product for you, then it would be great to have a media player and powerful gaming rig in a single device. And such a magical device is the “Nvidia Shield TV Pro” which enables you to enjoy your favorite content and play games at your home on the big screen.

The Nvidia pro streaming media player is a great pick for home TV streaming as well as the best gaming hub for gamers, but does it have all the features that you need? Or does it fulfill your requirements completely?

After a lot of research, here is a detailed review of the Nvidia Shield TV Pro Media Player. 

What is the Nvidia Shield TV Pro Media Player?

Nvidia Shield TV Pro is a powerful streaming media player that provides you with exceptionally high-quality performance and great features. It comes up with a powerful Tegra X1+ processor with 256 core GPU that provides flawless and continuous streaming.

This media player is similar to its last generation Nvidia Android TV but also has a lot of new beneficial upgrades. It is 25% faster than the old Nvidia Android device.

This Shield TV Pro comes with 3 GB RAM and only 16 GB of internal storage capacity but the good thing is that it supports two 3.0 USBs that can be used as additional storage devices.

Key Features

  • An excellent overall gaming rig
  • Does not take a lot of space
  • Flawless streaming
  • Perfect remote control
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • Great picture quality

Regardless of all other features, It also behaves as a Plex media server and is certainly good for you because it allows you to organize your personal libraries and access them.

 Not only this, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro has a fully functional remote with playback controls and a dedicated Netflix button that allows you to have control in playing and watching your favorite content. Furthermore, it removes the hassle of locating the remote, because it has a built-in remote locator and a microphone button.

Moreover, It will not require you to have the high technical knowledge to set up, you can do it easily in a small amount of time. The only thing you need to do is to insert the HDMI cable into the specified port and it will get connected to transfer the details.

Who is Nvidia Shield TV Pro Media Player For?

Watching movies on the Nvidia Shield TV Pro

The advanced sibling of Nvidia Shield TV, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is the best streaming device for all the needs of gamers. In case when you want to take advantage of playing Android games from the Google play store on a big screen, you surely need this device.

Due to its GeForce Now Cloud Gaming, you can also buy games from a steam account that lets you maximize your entertainment options without a gaming pc.
Meanwhile, along with gamers, this device is suitable for people who don’t want to create a mess of cables along their TV set. It is space-saving and worth considering due to its small size and therefore, it is a great choice for you if you have a small space in your room.

You can place this tiny TV box horizontally or vertically according to your wish in a corner along with your TV. It also has an attractive, wedge-shaped design that looks well constructed.

Features of Nvidia Shield TV Pro - Why It Stands Out From The Crowd?

Nvidia Shield TV Pro is indeed one of the most powerful streaming media players that comes with a lot of benefits. It has an amazing design and many good upgrades as compared to the older version, but is it still worth paying? It really is! The thing that differentiates it from the other streamers in the market is its features. Let’s have a detailed look at what features the Nvidia Shield TV Pro has!

1. AI Upscaling - High-Resolution content!

With the Tegra X1+ processor, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro provides AI upscaling that improves the quality of low-resolution images and enhances the clarity of colors. Undoubtedly, you would never like to watch a movie, play games, or enjoy memorable pictures in a dull and blurry format.

Therefore, with this feature, the images can be viewed in a clearer and improved form. This amazing Android streaming media player runs the content at a resolution of 4K at 60fps which provides great picture quality.

2. Dolby Vision - Excellent Video experience!

Dolby Vision is one of the most amazing features of Nvidia Shield TV Pro. It not only enhances the visibility of colors but also provides you with a great real cinema experience on your home screen.

Just like the old Nvidia version, it still has 4K HDR-10 vision but the additional Dolby Vision feature makes your visual experience more mesmerizing and immersive. It can improve the bright colors as well as makes the dark colors darker which provides you with an excellent viewing experience.

3. Dolby Atmos - Crystal Clear sound experience!

Along with all the other amazing features, Dolby Atmos is what lets you have great sound with Nvidia Shield TV Pro. While watching your favorite movies or playing games at a 4K HDR streaming, you must also want to hear the clearest sounds.

You can have high-quality sound and make your moments more interesting and enjoyable with this Dolby Atmos plus DTS-X feature of the new Nvidia Shield Pro version.

4. Built-in Google Assistant - Get your tasks done now!

Another feature that makes Nvidia Shield Pro worth considering is its built-in Google Assistant. This feature lets you get your stuff done with your voice commands without getting disturbed while watching your favorite show or a movie.

You can ask Google Assistant to lower the volume, play your favorite content, or pause the video while watching. Moreover, it can lower the temperature, and show weather conditions, or the current support score of your favorite team in real-time while being hands-free. Moreover, if you have any smart Google home device, you can also control it with this built-in feature.

5. GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming - Indeed a Powerful Gaming Rig!

With this feature of GeForce NOW cloud gaming, it is possible to play games without the need for a large gaming setup. This feature makes the Nvidia Shield Pro a great gaming rig and you can have a huge collection of free-to-play games and epic titles.

Also, you can use any peripheral or a game controller to play your favorite multiplayer games on your home TV at 4k online streaming instead of buying an expensive gaming console. Furthermore, this small Android TV box that serves as a game hub saves your space as compared to a large PC gaming setup.

6. Powered by Android TV - Play your favorite content!

If you find it difficult to search for the content, then you will love that due to this feature all the content is visible to you based on the apps you have installed. Also, the other apps show recommendations that make it so easy for you to select your favorite content to play and convert your old TV into a Smart one.

This media player is powered by Android TV which makes it incredibly so easy to access all your favorite applications and popular streaming services such as Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Youtube, and Amazon Prime without any huge effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Nvidia Shield Pro a good streaming device?

Yes, Nvidia Shield TV Pro is an excellent streaming device because it provides 4k HDR content with AI upscaling. Its Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos feature also provide great quality video and audio for a better streaming experience.

Does Nvidia Shield have WIFI?

Yes, you can connect your device with WiFi or it also has an ethernet port for a strong connection.

What is NVIDIA Shield Pro used for?

Nvidia Shield Pro is used to stream your favorite content from your favorite streaming services on your home TV. Moreover, you can enjoy playing games without a gaming PC setup and use voice commands to perform the tasks.

How much storage can you add to Nvidia Shield Pro?

You have up to 16GB of internal storage and also you can connect two 3.0 USBs as an additional storage device with this streaming media player.

Conclusion - My Thoughts And Recommendations!

If you are looking for a high-quality Android media player that not only fulfills your streaming needs but also proves to be a great gaming hub, then the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is for you.

Moreover, its compatibility with Google and Alexa, GeForce Now and Chromecast feature, and great picture quality make it highly recommendable to have and take advantage of.

Hopefully, you learn everything that you need to know about Nvidia’s new upgrade in this detailed review. It will surely help to make the right decision about buying the right product for you.

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Small and powerful gaming device

November 25, 2022

I bought the Nvidia Shield because I wanted a better gaming experience. I’m glad I did because the graphics are amazing. The console is also very user-friendly. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great gaming experience.

Perry Jacobsen

The Best Streamer On The Market

November 15, 2022

I have owned various versions of the Nvidia Sheild for the past several years and it has easily been the best media streamer I have ever owned. I have had the Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Roku, etc and nothing comes close. Highly recommended!

Adam R.

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