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Important Reasons to Invest in the Best Keyboard Switches

Important Reasons to Invest in the Best Keyboard Switches

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Best Keyboard Switches
Do you experience fatigue after just a few hours of gaming or typing some words on your standard keyboards? If you spend most of your day pressing keys on your keyboards, there's no reason you shouldn't look to switch your normal keyboard and look for mechanical keyboards.

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Mechanical Keyboards give you the real feel of typing for long hours because they have proven to be incredibly quicker than standard keyboards and enable a tactile feel that results in more satisfying and productive typing quality.

Now you might be thinking, what makes the mechanical switches so effective? The Mechanical Keyboards use an individual Switch for each key, they use the best keyboard switches that are under the keycaps on the mechanical keyboard.

Because of this, gamers favor using mechanism switches; as a result, we have provided more information regarding best keyboard switches.

Fastest Keyboard Switch

What is a Keyboard Switch

Keyboard switches, also known as mechanical keyboard switches, are the mechanisms that sit under a keycap on a mechanical keyboard; they ensure a quicker and more textile typing experience.

It is referred to as a keyboard switch since it is a mechanical switch under the keycap, It provides a precise typing experience because of its low-friction mechanism, which is squeezed in and out by the actively resisted spring.

Moreover, the addition of auditory feedback, tactile feedback, and force to activate the switch enables you to type more productively. Having metal contacts in the structure raises your level of typing proficiency, and it affects how the mechanical keyboard’s auditory feedback works.

The removable keycaps fit on its stem, which is dependent on its height and shape, which primarily determines the maximum distance it can slide and how it must be pressed to compress a keycap. Further, some keys have extra components such as a “bump” for added control over pressing the keycap which is made possible by the springy metal clip that needs to be pushed past as it’s pressed.

Reasons to Get a Keyboard Switch

Here are a few reasons to get a keyboard switch.

1. Reliable Choice for Gaming

If you love to play games like Call of Duty, then you need to get your hands on the most reliable gaming keyboard which is the mechanical keyboard. Thanks to the keyboard switches under the keycaps they provide more tactile, sturdier, and quicker responses for an incredible gaming experience.

Unlike membrane keyboards, membrane keyboards will give you much better feedback because of their design and keyboard switches that act as catalysts for precise typing.

In addition, mechanical keyboard switches are equipped with important features that add more value to your gaming experience as compared to membrane keyboards. Such as the n-key rollover, anti-ghosting, and macro keys that allow you to make the most of the inaction gameplay with your fps gaming keyboard.

2. Increases Typing Speed

When it comes to typing fast, keyboard switches enable incredibly fast typing. Most typists and content writers prefer using mechanism keyboard switches because of the mechanism switches hiding under them that ensure precise typing.

Keyboard switches allow you to customize the feel and sound of your keyboard, which significantly improves your typing speed. Moreover, mechanism keyboards have been tested to offer a substantially faster typing speed of 10 WPM.

Linear vs. Clicky vs. Tactile Keyboard Switches

Now that you have decided to buy a keyboard switch, you aren’t sure about which type of switch you should get. For that reason, we have listed all the switches you can choose from linear switches, clicky switches, and, tactile switches.

If you are a pro gamer, you should opt for the linear switch as it offers big lightning-quick control with fractions of seconds. It is a simple yet reactive mechanical switch because it travels up and down, feeling the same impact and no feedback. The key actuates when you reach the bottom of each key press, consequently, most gamers prefer using the linear switch as it provides them with quicker responses.

Best Gaming Keyboard Switch

On the other hand, tactile switches as their name suggest give you tactile feedback when you register a keystroke. There’s a slight bump feel when you press the keys, many typists like to work with tactile switches because of the fast typing as each key doesn’t travel to actuate. Moreover, since the touch typists don’t need to bottom out the keys, it provides a much quieter typing experience.

Finally, the clicky switches are a similar variation to the tactile switches. It produces an audible bump, and each keypress produces clicking noises, which are the loudest of all. Additionally, some authors use clicky switches because the sound of the keystrokes gives them a true sense of their work, making them perfect if you like additional feedback. However, these sounds can be distracting, especially in an office environment.

Best Keyboard Switches to Buy in 2022

Here are our top picks of keyboard switches to buy this year.
Granvela Cherry MX Speed Silver RGB Switches
$13.99 ($1.40 / Count)

Key Features

  • Linear resistance with low spring resistance 
  • Perfect for gaming 
  • Triggers directly 


The Cherry MX speed silver RGB Switches are great for all your gaming sessions, it enables quick and direct responses, Winning or losing video games is just a matter of few presses, if you are late, you lose it all, because of it short 1.2 mm pre-travel, you can control your gameplay in milliseconds and get more edge over other gamers. The Cherry MX travels a total of 3.4. mm with its CN operating force. Low spring resistance makes it easier to press the key you need to squeeze in at the right time for fast-paced gameplay. 

In addition, the low spring resistance provides additional comfort throughout extended gaming and typing sessions. Further, The mechanical keyboard switches are made with the finest quality in Germany and come in PE Protective Box packing. 

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04/03/2024 01:33 am GMT
Aliaz 60G Silent & Tactile 5-Pin Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Key Features

  • Tactile typing with no noise 
  • Clear housing with LED support 
  • Smooth and quiet typing 
  • Compatibility 


If you want a mechanical keyboard switch that has a tactile feel with no noise, Your best option is the DROP Switch Pack-Aliaz 60G Silent & Tactile 5-Pin Mechanical Keyboard, which you ought to think about purchasing. Thanks to the 5-pin PCB mount that is compatible with Cherry MX, you get quick feedback from keystrokes. The keyboard switch that is available in both 60-gram and 70-gram weight options is expertly designed to provide a noiseless and smooth, sturdier typing experience. Further, they are fit for any board size because they are available in 70-, 90-, or 110-count packs. 

The sophisticated keyboard switches enable clearing housing thanks to its SMD LED support, each of the keyboard switches is set up using a transparent housing and pink stem. What's more, unlike the conventional 3-pin cherry MX-style plate-mount switches, the Alia silent switches are 5-pin PCB mount and come with two extra pins that enable the switches to be attached to the PCB directly.

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Gateron KS-9 Red Switches for Mechanical Keyboards

Key Features

  • Suitable for gaming and fast typing 
  • 3-pin White-Shell
  • Durable design 


The Gateron KS-9 Red Switches for Mechanical Keyboard features a solid design that guarantees a durable and dependable quality; not to mention, the keyboard switch has undergone over 50 million tests in the testing lab. 

The Red model of the Gateron keyboard switch is made with less pressure in grams than that of the Black switch, which is more effective for hunt-and-peck typing and lengthy sessions of gaming. Moreover, they are more relaxed and sturdier when typing since it works on quick up and down feedback with an actuation force of about 45±15gf. 

The Gateron KS-9 Red switch is compatible with the Cherry MX switch which is ideal for most mechanical keyboards and supports two-pin 3 mm round lights, four-pin RGB lights, and patch RGB lights. 

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04/03/2024 01:38 am GMT
Kailh Speed MX SMD 3 Pin RGB Switches for Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Key Features

  • 70 million click rating
  • 3.5 millimeters of total travel 
  • Only 3 pin


The 70 PCS Kailh Speed MX SMD 3 Pin RGB Switches for Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is what you need to get for all your power-packed gaming sessions. These keyboard switches can travel up to 3. 5 millimeters with 1.1 1.4 millimeters of pre-travel and not to mention, they are proven to have a 70 million click rating. The keyboard switch has 3 pins, the link I supported for the shaft, and switches for mechanical switches. Further, The Pro switch has an operating force of 50g and travels about 1.61.7mm1.61.7mm.

Unlike, Speed switches that have stems, these have 3 pins and have a low bump with a smooth bend to it when pressing the keys. The keyboard switches boast a lifetime of 80 million, that of an ordinary switch.

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DROP Halo True Keyboard Switches

Key Features

  • Medium to heavy tactile switches
  • Cherry style
  • Noiseless switches


The Drop Halo true keyboard switches are possibly the most smooth switches available in the market. The ultra-smooth mechanical keyboard switches provide a medium to high tactile feel thanks to their preloaded tension at rest position that enables a smooth typing feel from the moment you press the keys and lift them. And there’s no need to slow down while typing because of The floaty preloaded tension.

The keyboard switches are great for typists who like consistency and quick typing because their custom switches ensure low resistance with a tactile feel that results in excellent smoothness and productiveness with each keystroke. 

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Drop + Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Key Features

  • Sturdy and tactile feel 
  • Cherry MX Style
  • 67g Spring 


If you frequently swap out keys on your keyboards, such as Drop ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, and ENTR, then the Drop + Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Keyboard Switches Are great to get, the keyboard switches offer a smooth and tactile feel that allows you to type efficiently. It is compatible with Plate-mounted cherry-style PCBs. 

The Holy Panda switches are expertly designed with stems from Halo switches, and the housing found on IVYR Panda switches results in a more tactile feel of the switch that is satisfying for long hours of typing and gaming sessions. 

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of opaque housing, they won't allow as much per-switch lightning just like some standard switches available in the market. 

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