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Benefits of Rucking: Improved Strength, Endurance, and Calorie Burn

Benefits of Rucking: Improved Strength, Endurance, and Calorie Burn

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Benefits of Rucking
Improve strength, endurance, and calorie burn with rucking. Low-impact exercise option with cardiovascular benefits. Tips for getting started and building muscle.

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In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of rucking, a form of exercise that involves walking or hiking with a weighted backpack. We’ll discuss how rucking can improve strength, endurance, and calorie burn. Rucking is a low-impact exercise that provides cardiovascular benefits and builds strength and stamina. You’ll also find tips on getting started with rucking and making it a scalable exercise that fits your fitness goals. We’ll also cover some important considerations, such as avoiding overtraining and injury and why running with a weighted backpack is not recommended. Plus, we’ll explore how rucking can build muscle in the lower extremities and engage core muscles for stabilization.

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What is Rucking?

Rucking is a form of exercise that involves walking or hiking with a weighted backpack. It is a low-impact workout with many benefits, including improved strength, endurance, and calorie burn. Rucking has gained popularity in recent years and originated in military training.

Definition of rucking

Rucking can be defined as walking or hiking with a loaded backpack. The backpack, a rucksack, is typically filled with weights or other heavy objects to increase resistance and challenge the muscles.

Explanation of rucking as a form of exercise

Rucking is a unique exercise that combines cardiovascular activity with strength training. By carrying additional weight, your body has to work harder to move, resulting in increased calorie burn and improved muscle strength. Rucking can be performed on various terrains, making it a versatile exercise option.


Origins of rucking in military training

Rucking has its roots in military training, specifically in training soldiers who need to carry heavy loads over long distances. Military personnel often ruck as part of their physical fitness regimen to improve their endurance and carrying capabilities. Rucking has since transitioned into the civilian fitness world, with people of all fitness levels embracing its benefits.

Benefits of Rucking

Rucking offers numerous advantages that contribute to overall fitness and well-being. Let’s explore some of these benefits in more detail.

Improved strength

One of the primary benefits of rucking is improved strength. A weighted backpack engages various muscle groups, including the legs, glutes, core, and upper body. Rucking strengthens these muscles over time, increasing overall strength and endurance.

Enhanced endurance

Rucking is an excellent exercise for building endurance. By gradually increasing the weight and distance of your rucksack, you challenge your cardiovascular system and train your body to sustain physical activity for longer periods. This increased endurance can benefit various aspects of your life, from everyday activities to more intense workouts.

Calorie burn

Rucking is an effective calorie-burning activity. The additional weight carried during rucking increases the intensity of the exercise, causing your body to work harder and burn more calories. The number of calories burned during rucking depends on weight, walking speed, and individual metabolism.

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Cardiovascular Benefits of Rucking

Rucking provides several cardiovascular benefits, making it an ideal exercise option for those looking to improve their heart health and stamina.

Low-impact exercise option

Unlike high-impact activities like running, rucking is a low-impact exercise option that puts less stress on your joints. The weighted backpack acts as resistance, providing a challenging workout without potential impact-related injuries.

Improvement of cardiovascular health

Regular rucking can improve your cardiovascular health by strengthening your heart and improving blood circulation. The sustained physical activity during rucking helps lower resting heart rate, increase lung capacity, and improve cardiovascular efficiency.

Development of stamina

Rucking is a great way to develop stamina and endurance. As you gradually increase the weight and distance of your rucksack, your body adapts to the demands placed on it, improving stamina. This increased stamina can benefit you in everyday activities and other physical pursuits.

Rucking workout

Strength Building with Rucking

Rucking is a highly effective form of strength training. By engaging various muscle groups, it helps build strength throughout the body.

Builds muscle in lower extremities

Rucking primarily targets the muscles of the lower extremities, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Carrying the additional weight while walking or hiking recruits these muscles, resulting in increased muscle strength and definition.

Engages core muscles for stabilization

Rucking requires proper stabilization and balance, which engages the core muscles. While walking or hiking with a weighted backpack, you must maintain a stable posture and engage your abdominal and back muscles for support. This constant engagement of the core muscles helps strengthen and tone them over time.

Enhancement of overall strength

Rucking is a full-body workout that engages the lower and upper bodies. The backpack’s weight challenges your arms, shoulders, and back muscles as you maintain balance and control. Over time, this leads to increased overall strength and improved muscular endurance.

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Getting Started with Rucking

If you want to incorporate rucking into your fitness routine, here are some tips to help you get started.

Choosing the Right Backpack

When selecting a backpack for rucking, choosing one that is durable, comfortable, and suitable for your body size is essential. Look for a backpack with padded shoulder straps, a waist belt for added support, and multiple compartments for organizing your belongings. It should also have the capacity to hold the desired amount of weight.

Determining the weight to carry

When rucking, starting with a backpack weighing approximately 10% of your body weight is recommended. This weight allows you to challenge your muscles without straining your joints excessively. As you progress, you can gradually increase the weight of your rucksack.

Gradually increasing weight and distance

To avoid overexertion and injury, it’s important to gradually increase both the weight carried and the distance covered during rucking. Start with shorter distances and lighter weights, and as you become more comfortable and your fitness improves, gradually increase the weight and distance. Listen to your body and make adjustments accordingly.

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Calorie Burn in Rucking

Rucking can be an effective calorie-burning exercise, especially compared to other cardiovascular activity forms.

Comparison with running for calorie burn

Rucking can burn more calories than running, depending on the weight carried and the speed of walking. The additional weight increases the intensity of the exercise, causing your body to work harder and burn more calories. The exact calorie burn varies depending on individual factors, but rucking has been shown to provide a significant calorie burn.

Factors affecting calorie burn in rucking

Several factors can affect the number of calories burned during rucking. The weight carried, walking speed, incline of the terrain, and individual metabolism all play a role in determining calorie burn. As you become more proficient at rucking, you can increase your weight and speed to maximize calorie burn.

Importance of weight and walking speed

The weight carried, and the walking speed is crucial factors in determining the intensity of the rucking workout. By increasing the weight and maintaining a brisk walking pace, you can maximize the caloric expenditure during your rucking sessions.

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Scalability of Rucking

One of the great things about rucking is its scalability, allowing individuals to tailor the exercise to meet their specific fitness goals.

Adjusting rucking to individual fitness goals

Rucking can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build strength, improve endurance, or train for a specific event, you can modify the weight, distance, and intensity of your rucking sessions to align with your goals.

Adaptable for all fitness levels

Rucking is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, you can start rucking at a pace and intensity that is comfortable for you. As your fitness improves, you can gradually increase your rucking workouts’ weight and difficulty level.

Increasing difficulty as fitness improves

As you become more proficient at rucking and your fitness level improves, you must continue challenging yourself. This can be done by gradually increasing your rucking sessions’ weight, distance, or speed. You’ll see improvements in strength, endurance, and overall fitness by continually pushing your limits.

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Precautions and Recommendations

While rucking offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to approach the exercise cautiously and follow some recommendations to avoid overtraining and injury.

Avoiding overtraining and injury

As with any physical activity, listening to your body and avoiding overtraining is important. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of your rucking sessions to prevent strain and injury. Be mindful of any discomfort or pain and take appropriate rest days to allow for recovery.

Recommended frequency of rucking

To reap the benefits of rucking without overexertion, it’s generally recommended to ruck 1-2 times a week. This frequency allows for adequate rest and recovery between sessions while still maintaining consistency in your rucking routine.

Cautions against running with a weighted backpack

While rucking provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, running with a weighted backpack is not recommended. The impact of running combined with the added weight can strain your joints excessively and increase the risk of injury. It’s best to stick to walking or hiking when rucking.

rucking pushups

Proper Technique and Form for Rucking

Maintaining proper technique and form during rucking is essential for preventing injuries and maximizing the benefits of the exercise.

Maintaining proper posture

When rucking, it’s important to maintain proper posture throughout the exercise. Stand tall with your chest lifted, shoulders back and relaxed, and a slight forward lean. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged, and avoid slouching or rounding the shoulders.

Tips for walking with a weighted backpack

Take shorter strides to maintain balance and control when walking with a loaded backpack. Land on your heels and roll through your foot to propel yourself forward. Keep your arms relaxed and allow them to swing naturally. Focus on maintaining a smooth and consistent rhythm.

Using correct body mechanics to prevent strain

Using correct body mechanics while rucking is essential to prevent strain and injury. Bend your knees slightly when walking downhill to absorb the impact and minimize strain on your joints. When walking uphill, take smaller steps and engage your glutes and quadriceps to power through the incline.

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Safety Tips for Rucking

Here are some safety tips to remember to ensure a safe and enjoyable rucking experience.

Choosing appropriate terrain

When rucking, choose a terrain suitable for your skill level and fitness. Start with flat or gently sloping terrain and gradually progress to more challenging surfaces, such as hills or uneven trails. Be aware of the terrain ahead of time and plan your route accordingly.

Wearing comfortable and supportive footwear

Investing in comfortable and supportive footwear is crucial for a successful rucking experience. Look for shoes or boots specifically for hiking or walking, with appropriate cushioning and arch support. Proper footwear will contribute to comfort, stability, and injury prevention.

Staying hydrated during rucking

It’s important to stay hydrated when rucking, especially in hot or humid conditions. Carry an adequate supply of water and drink regularly during your rucking sessions. Consider bringing a water bottle or hydration bladder that fits securely in your backpack for convenience.

Rucking workouts

Variations of Rucking

While traditional rucking involves walking or hiking with a weighted backpack, several variations can add variety and challenge to your routine.

Adding inclines or hills to ruck

Walking or hiking on inclines or hills increases the intensity of the rucking workout. The incline forces your muscles to work harder as you push against gravity. Incorporating hills into your rucking route can further enhance strength and cardiovascular benefits.

Incorporating interval training into rucking

Interval training involves alternating periods of high-intensity exercise with periods of rest or lower intensity. Incorporating interval training into your rucking routine can increase calorie burn and improve cardiovascular fitness. For example, you can alternate between periods of brisk walking and periods of slower-paced walking.

Team-based rucking exercises

Rucking can also be done as a team-based exercise. Participating in rucking events or group workouts can add a social aspect to your fitness routine and motivate you to push yourself further. Team-based rucking exercises can include relay races, group challenges, or military-style fitness classes.

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Rucking vs. Other Exercises

Let’s explore how rucking compares to other popular forms of exercise.

Comparison with running

Rucking and running are both excellent forms of exercise, but they offer different benefits. Running is a high-impact activity that primarily targets the lower body and provides cardiovascular benefits. Rucking, on the other hand, is a low-impact workout that engages the entire body and provides both cardiovascular and strength-building benefits. Rucking is a more accessible option for individuals with joint issues or those looking for a full-body workout.

Differences between rucking and weightlifting

Rucking is often compared to weightlifting due to its strength-building benefits. While weightlifting focuses on isolated muscle groups using equipment like dumbbells or barbells, rucking engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Rucking is also a more functional exercise, mimicking real-world activities such as carrying groceries or hiking with a backpack.

Benefits of rucking over traditional gym workouts

Rucking offers several advantages over traditional gym workouts. It provides an outdoor, immersive experience that allows you to enjoy nature while exercising. Rucking also offers a functional workout that translates to everyday activities. Additionally, rucking can be a more cost-effective alternative to a gym membership, as all you need is a backpack and suitable footwear.

Personal Experiences and Testimonials

Many individuals have experienced significant benefits from incorporating rucking into their fitness routines. Here are some real-life stories and testimonials.

Real-life stories of individuals benefiting from rucking

  • A former soldier, John found that rucking helped him stay in shape after leaving the military. It provided a sense of familiarity and enabled him to continue challenging his physical capabilities.
  • A fitness enthusiast, Sarah incorporated rucking into her workout routine to enhance her endurance. She found that rucking allowed her to explore new hiking trails and provided a more challenging cardiovascular workout than traditional walking.

Feedback from rucking enthusiasts

  • “Rucking has become my go-to exercise. I love how it engages my entire body and leaves me feeling energized and accomplished.” – Mark
  • “Rucking brings a sense of adventure to my workouts. Each time I hit the trails with my backpack, I discover new places and challenge myself in ways I never thought possible.” – Rachel

Success stories and transformation journeys

  • Adam, a beginner in rucking, started with a lightweight backpack and gradually increased the weight over several months. He noticed significant improvements in his overall strength and endurance and even easily completed a challenging hiking trip.
  • Emily, a dedicated rucker, shared her weight loss journey, attributing a portion of her success to consistent rucking. Increased calorie burn and improved cardiovascular fitness significantly impacted her health and well-being.


Rucking is a highly beneficial exercise that combines cardiovascular activity with strength training. It offers numerous advantages, including improved strength, endurance, and calorie burn. With its origins in military training, rucking has gained popularity among individuals of all fitness levels. By incorporating rucking into your fitness routine, you can experience the many benefits it has to offer. So grab your backpack, load it with an appropriate weight, and hit the trails. Discover the transformative power of rucking as you improve your fitness, build strength, and enjoy the great outdoors.

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