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Amazon Smart Plug for Smart Home Automation

Amazon Smart Plug for Smart Home Automation

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Amazon Smart Plug for Smart Home Automation Review
Let's get into the detailed Review of Amazon Smart Plug For Smart Home Automation if your home is operated by Alexa.

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Your life would be so much easier if you can control all the appliances of your home with your mobile phone, right?

Getting up from bed to turn on/off fans, lights, or other electrical devices after a tiring day can be frustrating.

Amazon has the solution to your problem as it has introduced Smart Plug to help you create a Smart home to make your life easy. The Alexa-operated smart plug is easy and simple to use and connects with other devices for easy control. It is a simple plug connected to the switch sockets and uses Wi-Fi to control any device.

Let’s get into the detailed Review of Amazon Smart Plug For Smart Home Automation if your home is operated by Alexa.

Review of Amazon Smart Plug

Here’s our detailed review of the Amazon Smart Plug.

1. Alexa Voice-Control Enabled

How easy would it be if the controls of your home are just a few words away? Well, Amazon Smart Plug brings that ease to your life. It can be operated with voice commands just like Alexa does.

You can use the Alexa app on your phone, set up your voice, tell it to turn on/off and change the settings of any device in your home. All you need is a smart plug for that. Amazon Smart Plug does a good job at it.

2. Easy Setup

Amazon Smart Plug does not need that smart of instructions to set it up. It is very easy to set and handle. All you need to do is plug it into any of the power outlets. Then open the Alexa app and the device will be connected on its own.

If it does not, simply click on the “add device” option in the Alexa app and scan the barcode given on the back of the plug. After that, you can change the name of the plug as per your facility. It is easy to set up and can be used without a hassle.

3. Wide Compatibility

Amazon Smart Plug for Smart Home is a device with wide compatibility. All of the Alexa devices are compatible with this Smart plug. Whether it is a bulb, a fan, An AC, a coffee maker, or an LED.

It works well with most devices. You can also operate it from a distance through the Alexa app. However, it is specifically made for the Alexa ecosystem and does not support google voice or Apple’s digital assistant, Siri.

4. Simple and Compact Design

Amazon Smart Plug is designed just like a simple non-smart plug. The dimensions are 80mm x 38mm x 57mm for the USA version and 63mm x 96.2mm x 56mm for the UK version.

Its rectangular design with 3 plug holes in the middle and white color makes it appealing. The button on its side can be used to turn the on/off the plug manually. There is also an LED light to show the power of the plug.

It is a small and compact device that does not occupy much space in the plug holder. So, if your plug holder is designed for more than one plug, it won’t hinder the second plug’s space.

5. Automatic Scheduling

The best thing about Amazon Smart Plug is that it can be scheduled according to your requirements. Adding the plug to the Alexa routine and setting the time is the way to go. And you do not necessarily need to be near the plug to control it.

It can be controlled from your work or outing place. The controls include switching on/off options, changing the speed or intensity, and automatically scheduling the settings. So, you do not need to worry about forgetting to turn off your devices.

6. Energy Saving

Along with the amazing features and making your home a smart one, it saves energy. Another smart move, right? It consumes less than one watt of energy. The automatic network standby option after 1 minute saves even more energy.

The Amazon Smart Plug is a pocket-friendly and user-friendly device. The energy consumption of the device can also be calculated through the Amazon energy dashboard.

7. Price

Amazon Smart Plug for Smart home is just around $24.99 dollars. But one plug is not enough for the whole house. So you need a few of them for better smart control.
The plugs can enable you to operate the whole house with just a few voice commands without having to spend a few hundred dollars on intelligent devices. So, it is a decent device that offers value for money.

The Final Verdict

Amazon Smart Plug for Smart Home is one of the most easy-on-pocket, easy-to-set-up, easy-to-control, and easily available smart plug devices available in the market. Its strong Wi-Fi connection and Alexa compatibility make it a suitable device for the Alexa ecosystem home. It has provided a satisfactory performance on testing and using it at home. You do not need any extra device or setup because it has a compact design and easy attachment to the power outlets of homes.

The voice commands and control from any distance make it an easily operated and energy-saving device. If most of the devices in your home are Alexa-friendly, this smart plug is for you. Buy a lot of them and turn your beautiful home into a beautiful and smart home. Its only flaw is that it only works with Alexa and not other AI apps. So give it a thought and buy the device.

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Easiest smart plug to set up

December 25, 2022

My Amazon Smart Plug is fantastic. It has simplified and expedited my life tremendously. The smart plug allows me to control the power to any appliance hooked into it from anywhere in the world using just my smartphone.

The capacity to establish habits and routines is a great quality. For instance, I can always count on the aroma of freshly made coffee when I get up since I set my coffee maker to begin brewing at 6:30 every morning. My bedroom light is programmed to turn off at 10 o’clock, allowing me to relax and prepare for sleep.

Janina W.

Easy to setup and use

November 28, 2022

I bought an Amazon Smart Plug to see if it would make my life any easier and I have to say that I’m really impressed! It was really easy to set up and I love that I can control it with my voice. I’ve been using it to turn my lights on and off and it’s been working great. Overall, I’m really happy with the Amazon Smart Plug and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to control their lights.

Chris Yokum

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